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What is the purpose of launching CV Charging Europe?

Transport accounts for a significant portion of Europe’s greenhouse gas emissions, which must be reduced rapidly in the coming decades. Long-haul road transport has long been considered a hard-to-abate sector, but due to advances in battery and charging technology, that is no longer the case. However, while we know that electric, long-haul road transport is possible, it will not happen at scale until high performance public charging infrastructure is in place. That is why we are here. To kick start that electric transformation and accelerate the transition to battery-electric trucks and coaches.

How many chargers are planned to be installed in total?

Our initial plan is to install and operate at least 1700 high-performance charge points close to highways and logistics hubs within five years. The number of charge points is intended to be increased significantly in the future by seeking additional partners as well as public funding. 

When and where will the first chargers be available?  

We aim to have our first charging locations in operation by 2023. Our geographical focus is Europe.

When will you give us more details on charging locations?

Because we know that logistics companies will be reliant on high-performance public charging infrastructure to electrify their long-haul operations, we aim to be transparent about our network rollout plan, with charging locations announced well in advance of opening.

What charging capacity will be offered?

We will offer both high-performance rapid charging and overnight charging. For our high-performance offering, the starting point is the current CCS standard (350 kW), but we expect the MCS (Megawatt Charging System) standard will be adopted as soon as possible to enable and prioritize the 45-minute charge use case for heavy-duty long-haul applications.

How many chargers will be provided at each charging hub?

The number of charge points will vary by location. Total charging capacity at each hub will be determined by expected demand and will grow over time.

You say that the chargers will be powered by green electricity. Who will be the electricity provider and what kind of energy will be used? 

Our aim is to use 100% renewable energy whenever possible. The electricity provider and energy mix will vary in each location depending on availability.

How much will it cost to charge?

It is our intention to keep costs for customers as low as possible to improve the overall TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) of battery electric commercial vehicles while also running a sustainable and viable business. We cannot yet reveal exact details on pricing models.

Will you offer reservations?

We understand the importance of reliability and predictability within transport flows, which is why we will offer a flexible reservation system for drivers and transport companies, whether for rapid charging during mandatory 45-minute breaks or overnight.

What kind of services will be offered at your charging hubs?

Our charging locations will provide secure parking and driver services such as toilets, showers, and wi-fi.

Are hydrogen filling stations not part of the project? 

No. This initiative is focused on battery-electric trucks. 

Where are you located?

Our headquarters are in Amsterdam, Netherlands, and we also have an office in Arnhem. As we expand over the coming years, we intend to open offices in several other European countries.

How do I apply for a job?

Job vacancies will be posted to our LinkedIn page. We encourage qualified applicants to follow the CV Charging Europe LinkedIn page and to regularly check for newly posted vacancies.

Is Commercial Vehicle Charging Europe the name of your brand?

Commercial Vehicle Charging Europe, or CV Charging Europe for short, is our legal name. More information including our brand name will be revealed later in 2022.

Are you looking for partners and suppliers?

If you are a location owner or a provider of charging hardware, software or other related products and services and are interested in working with us, please email us at and we will make sure you are connected with a relevant member of our team.

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